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Invalidate a Power of Attorney

Generally when creating a Power of Attorney, you want to appoint someone who you trust, who will act in your best interests, and who will handle your affairs with trust and honesty. However, if your Agent is no longer acting in your best interests, you need to take action. If

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Guardianship Proceedings

A guardianship is a legal proceeding in which a guardian is appointed to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person. A guardian is an individual or institution (such as a nonprofit corporation or bank trust department) appointed by the court to care for an incapacitated person — called a

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Two Ways To Contest A Will

There are two ways to contest a will, a Caveat Prior to Probate Decree, and an Appeal from Probate Decree Caveat Prior to Probate Decree A will contestant may initiate attack on a Will by filing a caveat with the Register of Wills. This must be done before the probate.

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