A Retirement Plan is Much More Than Funding the Right Investment

Most retirees’ goals are to enjoy retirement, with such methods as travel, entertainment, and spending time with the children and grandchildren. This is what retirees want, rather than worrying about having enough money available for home healthcare or assisted living if needed, without the fear of running out of money, losing a majority over night in the stock market, or worse, leaving a spouse impoverished due to a skilled care event (the cost of which averages $10,000.00 per month).

A well structured plan can deal with all of these situations, protect your real estate, and leave a potential inheritance for your beneficiary.

When was the last time an advisor or seminar really discussed this, rather than just selling product? I have yet to attend a seminar that discussed real estate, which is usually the largest investment for most middle income families.

Too often the lawyers are just concerned about the legal documents (paid by the hour) and the advisors are just interested in selling product or capturing assets (paid by the commission). These issues require careful planning and the integration of both legal financial and insurance concepts. This is the basis of Planning Transitions.

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